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Moe Moe Kyunstep

by chibi-tech



First played in Blip Festival Tokyo @ KOENJI HIGH, October 21, 2012.

This originally was the result of a rather heated debate with a friend that despite all of its limited audio features... an 8-bit NES can truly make bass-heavy growls without the need of samples. (even something as dirty as a distorted reese bass is perfectly doable in just 2A03 pulse channels!) And what is more fitting than to pair such a sinister technique... than with the absolutely adorable phrases that maids & idols in cosplay cafes all over Akiba recite in glee in order to pamper their clientele?

Sound source:
Nintendo Famicom / NES (Ricoh RP2A03 APU + Konami VRC6 PSG)
Sequenced in Famitracker v0.4.1. (www.famitracker.com)
Apart from mixing/mastering, no external creative post-processing effects are used; all sounds are done only within RP2A03+VRC6.

UPDATE (2013/10/31): I released a VIP mix of this song! Please check this out if you're into heavy-pounding drum & bass fury!

UPDATE (2012/10/26): Thank you for all your support! I'm quite shocked at the positive reaction of this album single! It's a kind of style that I have yet to REALLY explore deeply (my day job involves doing highly melodic material for videogames, and to be honest this has been my first attempt at dubstep-style music -- especially with a NES, for all things!), but everyone's kind words has encouraged me to keep doing fun technical stuff like this! :D

Also, this album single will always be free! So please spread the word and download to your heart's content! However if you choose to donate, it will mainly be reserved towards future purchases of much needed audio hardware / software upgrades & sound libraries -- thus helping me in creating more awesome videogame tunes for everyone!

Once again, thank you so soooo much for all your support! My first real release with bandcamp has definitely been a positive one!



<< PART I 「萌え」 >>

It was 21:25 -- a slightly chilly October night in the back streets of Electric Town. Armed with a knapsack filled with yet-unactivated glowsticks strapped around his slightly pudgy waist, our hero 'Taro' laboriously hurried down the alleyway toward his favorite hangout, "Idol Stage PSG" (a.k.a. Puni Shiri Girls).

"いらっしゃーい!", all the girls said to Taro as he walked in. Whew! He made it just in time! A tomboyish lady bouncer gave Taro back his point card & receipt in exchange for a 500 yen entrance fee payment... something that Taro had done numerous times in the past, and was more than willing to keep on giving toward his favorite establishment.

Taro was especially feeling more than thrilled to come tonight: Halloween season had come! And that meant that all the idols in PSG would dress up in their favorite cute costumes! In particular, his favorite idol announced in her ameblo blog that she would "make a transformation as an elegant Ageha tonight~! (^^)v". Taro was her absolute #1 fan, and the rest of the regulars in Idol Stage PSG knew they could not match the level of his devotion. However, Taro didn't fully understand what this "transformation" meant, but of course being determined to be the ultimate devotee to his #1 love, there was only one way to find out...

Hyper-cute denpa-music starting to fill the ears of the audience, he knew this was the moment. Taro broke out a glowstick from his knapsack. He quickly cracked it into a vivid pink light as the crown jewel of his admiration, Tibiteku-chan, took center stage while donning a cute black & white maid outfit with matching nekomimi headdress and glasses.

Now waving his glowstick in the air while dancing in choreographed otagei motion, Taro could just barely contain his growing excitement for what he was about to encounter.

<< PART II 「キュン」 >>


Taro knew the instructions all too well. Tibiteku-chan asked the crowd to form their fingers into a heart sign, and recite the phrase 4 times. It was a sacred phrase, passed down from many generations by the blessed scripture of the 12 legendary sisters of the holy Electric Town. And Taro was in no doubt a devout follower ready to recite the phrase with complete glee.



But what's this!? As the recital of the sacred scripture started, a sinister growl rumbled the entire place as its pastel colored lighting slowly turned into a dark and eerie swirl of abstractness! The growl kept pulsating with aggressive fervor while Tibiteku-chan's ultra-squeaky voice had slowly grown more and more vile. By the time the last phrase of the scripture was uttered, her voice had turned into absolute distorted chaos. The entire crowd had all but turned into limp marionettes suspended helplessly in the air, and Taro was without any sign of help in this cold surrounding of sorcery.

Suddenly, Tibiteku-chan reappeared in front of his eyes! However, she no longer donned the cute maid outfit -- only the headdress and glasses remained. Instead, Tibiteku-chan was now wearing a flowy pink dress reminiscent of a seductive and devilish swallowtail butterfly. At first, Taro refused to believe that his goddess was responsible for this chaotic scene. But with Tibiteku-chan's eyes glowing red as she gave a wry grin, Taro soon came to grips with reality that his idol dreamgirl was up to the utmost deceitful intentions. But what could he do to challenge his once-princess of ultimate sugar-coated admiration -- now turned into the fluttering papilionidae of sweet poison?

Taro then glanced at the pink glowstick he was tightly grasping. It had started to grow into an unimaginable length right before his eyes! Taro soon saw that its blinding glow had made Tibiteku-chan clench her chest in agony! Trembling with excitement, Taro knew that if he were to challenge his adversary, this was definitely the weapon he'd want to start stroking.

And thus, with the two opponents squaring off in an arena filled with deep and heavy pulsating growls, complete with the marionettes in the air helplessly motioning to cheer the combatants on, the royal rumble began...



released October 25, 2012

Composition, scenario: Jaelyn Nisperos
Vocals: チビテクちゃん、"太郎"
Mixing: Cancel (acyclic.jp)
Cover art: Mandi Cosenzo (thehappymappyart.tumblr.com)

Special thanks:
All Blip Festival Tokyo staff


all rights reserved


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