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Crema Binaria

by chibi-tech

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VinnieVidiVici thumbnail
VinnieVidiVici One of the most highly detailed and expressive albums I've ever heard. It may only be two songs but those two songs hold more musical information than most music with four times the length. I marvel every time I hit play.
Sweet Kagamine Kiss
Sweet Kagamine Kiss thumbnail
Sweet Kagamine Kiss It caught my interest and I had to buy it and give it a listen to. Worth it! Heck, I even make references to this album in my Boku no Hero Academia fanfiction. :D Favorite track: 雨色の時間.
Allimack thumbnail
Allimack This is a delightful little package of tracks. It's my go-to when driving through town on a sunny day! Some music just begs to be visualized to, and these two tracks will give you an abundance of inspiration and put a little pep in your step, no doubt! Favorite track: 雨色の時間.
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気付いて欲しい 雨音に 消された声 憂鬱な土曜のカフェ 待ちぼうけ わたしひとり キミは知らない 雨音が静かになっても ため息に消された呟き 「もっとそばにいて」なんて 苦いままのチョコみたい 甘えられなくて 「強い君が好きだよ」なんて ホントは 違うの 雨粒が二人を見守る今日は 伝えたい あぁ、勇気をください カップの湯気が消えないうちに わがままなわたし好きになって 雨が止んでもそばにいて ねぇ、捕まえていて ずっと二人だけで もう誤魔化すのはナシ 雨色(あめいろ)の時間が 二人の時を溶かしてゆく 昨日よりもっと好きよ いつかこの気持ち 溢れちゃうかもね わたしが見たもの全部 とりとめもなく話したいの 昨日よりもっと好きにってほしいのに キミは空を見上げる 「そろそろ行こうか」 (もっと話したい) 「並んで歩こう」 楽しそうに 微笑む 「今日だけじゃないから」 「明日も一緒だよ」 ……あぁ、わたしチョロすぎる! 恋は簡単じゃないと諦めていた 未来のわたしが笑いかける 大丈夫、甘いだけならいつか乾いちゃう 雨の日だって大切な思い出 苦いだけのコーヒーだけど 何度もチャレンジ 同じ時間(とき)が過ごせるように 願いを 込めてた 雨粒が答え合わせをしてる 聞かせてよ Drip. ねぇ、キミは知ってたの? カップの中でミルクが回る 好きすぎて不安なんて変ね 同じ気持ちでいたなんて 無理して背伸びしたことも 強がりばかり言ってたことも 思い出になって笑えるようにと 真面目な顔で君が言う まだ始まりなんだ 二人の時間が 降り止まない雨だって 大事な理由だよ もっとわかりあえる もっと通じあう 今日から 明日もずっと
温めたミルクはフワフワ もう少しこの夢 づつきを見させて 窓を開けて感じる 光浴びる朝 始まる一日 つないだ手を離さないで そう、ふたりはグルグル 曖昧な距離感 想像してときめく 絡み合うココロ 教えて何もかも 自分のカタチがとろけても 私は変わらないから あなたと同じ色だよ! 新しいカップはピカピカ 初めては「トキメキ」「不安」すこし そら高く 真っ白な雲が そこにある苦みも やさしくつつんで 少し背伸びしてみる 同じ景色見える? だけどね……言えない キモチ伝えたい だいすき


Sometime long ago based in the FUTURE, situated in a cozy little mysterious cafe somewhere in the midst of Dogenzaka... comes an emotional tale of two magical fraternal twins, Latte & Crema.

United by their love for meticulous art formed from a nice cup of caffeinated brew, the two discover that, despite their apparent differences, their mutual relationship can flourish into beautiful creations.


This two-song single is the result of much soul-searching after an emotionally rough past few years of my life. Starting from a humble cafe in the middle of Shibuya with the desire to find... interestingly enough... solace within a crowd of patrons minding their own business, the actual creation process of these songs involved traveling in full-nomad style with my portable DAW & headphones to various cafes, homes, events, and even odder areas throughout both Japan and various parts of the rest of the world.

Much thanks to everyone who helped make this possible -- and all my friends who gave their pure-hearted support to me when I needed it. I feel extremely fortunate that, despite all the daily toils and the few manipulative & abusive creeps within the chiptune scene who made me feel like i was worthless for the past few years, I do have people who genuinely care about me.


released February 14, 2020

Music composition/arrangement/mixing/mastering by chibi-tech.

Track 1 "Ameiro no Jikan" lyrics by Misz Umino.

Track 2 "Kumo no Oto" lyrics by H/de. of LOOPCUBE.

Character design and cover art by Cassie.

SD character art & liner graphics by kon.

Logo by Yanari.

Additional graphic design assistance and suggestions by Mandi Cosenzo.

Made in Famitracker v0.4.6, using RP2A03 + VRC6 sound sources.

Special thanks and shoutouts this time to:
0x4015 / A_Rival / Aivi / arthur x medic / AuracleDMG / BLACKLOLITA / Bomb Boy / Brian Lee / Brittany Forks / bryface / Cabel / Calavera / chamotea / chipzel / cTrix / Defense Mechanism / DontBlinkOrYou'llDie / EdibleToaster / Falken / fittorot / FMS_cat / FRONTL1NE / Gesceap / GrazCore / Halcy / hally / HarleyLikesMusic / Helen Eugene / Hige Driver / iwamoo / JAKAZiD / Jason Moses / kino / kiraku / kouotsu / Lorraine / Luke Chaos / Luke Silas / Marcan42 / Maximillianaire / Medaka / Memblers / Miz:Kai / Moe Shop / Nanode / Nathan Antony / NeonDeathCat / NNNNNNNNNN / omknee / Pain Perdu / Personasama / Peter Berkman / Peter Swimm / Petriform / Pixelated Audio / pongball / Porter Robinson / Raph / Renko / Roger Clark / Sam Franzen / Saskrotch / Shirobon / Shiz / Shnabubula / skybox / sylcmyk / suguruka / surasshu / Takeshi Abo / TANUKI / TOFU+BEAST / TORIENA / Trash80 / Triss / TwentyFortyNine / WAHa.06x36 / Yosoyich / Yukie Sugawara / Yumenosuke / Zucchan / all Tokyo Demofest staff / all Square Sounds & CheapBeats staff / all MAGfest & MAGwest staff

This release is especially dedicated to Andrew -- who after all these years kept my head up, straightened it out, made me not lose hope, and always made me feel better about myself at the end of the day. ub1P♡♥ib2P.

(c) 2018-2020 chibi-tech & The FUTURE BREW Project, all rights reserved.
best played in 4th gen 'ludes.


Abusive people.
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